Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rohana Special School

Four children saying "Ayubowan" in front of a wall painted with "Welcome" in blue and "Ayubowan" in red and Sinhala.
Rohana Special School was founded in 1963 by Venerable Naradde Vedananda Thero, a Buddhist monk who had a vision of providing society’s outcasts with formal education to the same standards as other government-supported schools in the Southern Province.
Today, the school has more than 120 pupils, ages 6-20, who are enrolled in Grades 1 through 11 and O/L. More than 70 of them live in newly refurbished hostel buildings. The school is located in Matara on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. 

School Specially-trained teachers educate pupils…

The Rohana Special School has more than 132 pupils with special needs such as hearing or visual impairments and learning difficulties.
All teachers have been trained to meet pupils’ unique learning needs and are continually improving the school environment to create a dynamic, visually simulating place of education.
The normal Sri Lankan public school curriculum is covered here, with classes ranging from Grade 1 to 11 and O-Level. Many students have gone on to take the Advanced Level examinations. In addition, 2007 saw for the first time a Rohana alumna enroll in university.
Classes include Sinhala, Maths, English, Science, General Education, Agriculture, Human Anatomy & Sports, Art, Dance, Computers, and Speech Therapy.
Many of our upper-level pupils also take extra classes after school taught by our teachers in order to prepare the pupils for their Ordinary Level examinations.


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