Wednesday, April 17, 2013

රූපවාහිනී - ජාතික පාසල

Since 1982, Rupavahini had produced formal and none formal education programs while producing entertainment programs and some documentaries to up lift the society in to better position.

Audio – visual medium can be used to provide education for students in meaningful manner. Students live in rural villages do not have enough resources to achieve their educational goal. There is particular scarcity of mathematics and Science teachers and necessary educational equipments in rural schools. Therefore, it is important of using television to provide education for students live in remote area.  Television is a medium that which could give solution for this matter in some extent.

Rupavahini is the only channel that covers almost all area of the country. So, using this television channel to provide education is very progressive step. Furthermore providing education through the channel is also primary objective of Rupavahini, National Television.

To achieve this objective Rupavhine commenced it newest television program series “ Rupavahini Jathika Pasala” to cater the students who sit for the Advance level examination in August 2011. Most trained, skillful and professional group of teachers teamed up to teach the students in this program series. Most importantly, these program would use relevant 
equipments and some practical teaching methods for lessons.


This is an excellent programme for our kid. Well done Rupavahini on your good work. All the best.

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