Thursday, September 11, 2014


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Candela Learning Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka’s award winning Science Educational Software Provider met all Leading Bookshops in the Colombo Region at a function held at Renuka City Hotel, Colombo recently.
The aim of this friendly get-to-gather was to, get the initial feedback of the customers who purchased Candela from book shops in Colombo Region, share the feed back and responses from each Bookshop on Candela, and to educate the staff members on Award winning Candela Educational Software.
Members from most leading bookshops in Colombo were present for this event and they were extremely happy about organising such an occasion for them to come and share their views, ideas and proposals on Candela. Further they all were of the opinion that their knowledge on Candela Science Educational Software was further strengthened and now they feel that they could attend to customers quarries in much better way.
Mr. Upula Hapuarachchi (Sales Manager – Candela) explained to all participants that Candela has brought the “Future of Learning” to the Sri Lankan student’s community and this can tremendously add value to the Dealer Bookshops and will have a positive impact on their business as well. Mr. Hapuarachchi also explained the future plans of Candela to reward the Bookshops based on Candela Sales & Merchandising activities. He further added that Candela will be adding value to Dealer outlets by way of Name Boards and Permanent Display Racks in time to come.
Mr. Ravindran (Director – Candela) and Mr. Leon (Marketing Manager – Packsco) joined with Mr. Hapuarachchi to award the Certificates and distribute the give-aways to all the participants.
Director of Candela-Mr. Krishna Ravindran, Consultant-Mr. Trevor Reckerman, Operations Manager-Chitral Fernando, Sales Manager-Upula Hapuarachchi, Marketing Manager-Anura Hewasinghe , Assistant Sales Manager-Dilrukshi Pathirana , Mr. V. Suthaharan, Miss Kavini Chandrasena and Mr. Jude Priyanga, were representing Candela. From Packsco, Marketing Manager-Mr. Senagol Leon, Sales Manager-Moheed Sameem, Colombo Area Sales Manager-Mr. Lalith ………….. and the Colombo Sales team were present.
Candela Science Educational Software is now being distributed island wide by Packsco Ceylon Ltd., one of the leading stationary distributors in Sri Lanka. And with this appointment Candela plans to go in to the hands of students who live far away from Colombo.
Mr. Upula Hapuarachchi explained that Candela plans to continue this exercise to outstations as well and hoping to meet all Leading bookshops island-wide in which Candela CDs are available.


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