Saturday, September 13, 2014

Facts and Myths about Psychology Education in Sri Lanka

Psychology qualifications can open the door to a variety of careers
Many of us think that the only career you can take up upon qualifying in psychology isto become a clinical psychologist, who works with mentally ill people. Well, being a clinical psychologist is definitely rewarding and satisfying in terms of reputation, monetary gains, professional respect and the contribution madeto the community. But one of the greatest strengths of a psychology degree is the enormous variety of career paths that are available to graduates. Some of these potential professions include Organizational/ Business Psychology, Child Psychology, Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Forensic & Criminal Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Psychology and Research.
Psychology qualifications can serve as a great background for other fields.
The curriculum of a psychology degree covers human behavior and thinking patterns in many aspects of life from how children develop, how we interact with others around us, what satisfiesand motivates us in day to day life, relationships & work and what causes good/bad & normal/abnormal behaviors. As a result, while some psychology graduates continue their studies to become psychologists, many take different career paths. Fields that psychology graduates are easily recruited to include Advertising, Marketing, HRM, Teaching, Curriculum development, Child care, Health care, Health promotion, Rehabilitation, Research & Development, Community development and Social work. Employers always prefer to recruit individuals who are able to understand people, their behaviors, attitudes and preferences which are the skills that psychology graduates are provided with.
Psychology qualifications can easily find you a job in Sri Lanka.
Psychology is still an emerging field in Sri Lanka. We have very limited skilled & qualified psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors. Seeking psychological methods instead of medicine for mental illness is now becoming popular in Sri Lanka, thus there is a big demand for psychology professionals. This demand will only increase in years to come and individuals, who qualify in psychology now, will be in a good position to cater to this demand in the next five to six years time. There are many vacancies for psychology professionals in government and private establishments and NGOs. Since we do not have enough individuals to fill these vacancies, these organizations have no option but to employ expats by paying very high salaries. Thus anyone qualifying in psychology will not be without a job, at least for the next twenty years.
Psychology qualifications are a definite advantage if you are to migrate.
Psychology is well established in US, Europe, Australia and many other parts of the world. This being said, there is a big demand for psychology professionals as more and more people seek help from psychologists every year. Thus qualifying in psychology will definitely be an advantage for migration purposes as long as the qualifications you obtain are internationally recognized. Many countries will require you to acquire a license and if your qualifications are from a recognized university, this will not be a problem.
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Psychology qualifications can get you top jobs in several corporate sectors.
Organizational Psychology, which is also known as Business or Industrial Psychology is one of the well-established professions in Western countries;this trend is now spreading to Asia and other regions of the world as well. Qualifying in organizational psychology opens doors to a variety of highly paid jobs in the corporate sector such as HR & HRD Consultants & Strategists, Business & Market Consultants, Corporate Trainers, Coaches and Advertising & Promotions Consultants. Compared to traditional HR & Business Administration Degrees or MBAs, a Degree or Masters in Psychology gives you that vital knowledge you need to understand and then predict human behavioral and thinking patterns, which is the basis of all strategizing.

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