Friday, February 14, 2014

Caring about Nature

Caring about Nature

Snake charming, fortune-telling and dancing monkeys amused everyone as “Who Cares About Nature”, the novel concept of the Dilmah Conservation, was  successfully held on January 25, 2014, at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies, Colombo 7,
This program which comprised a day full of fun activities and  educational programs was a great opportunity that people got in the heart of Colombo. Bringing in the Veddah and the Ahikuntika  communities together with their various cultural activities to be  experienced by the children was the most fundamental element that a bystander could see.
The morning saw children  working with their own artwork and others gathering around the Ahikuntika people to get a  tangible experience of Python
molurus (Pimbura). A staff member explained the vision of this program, “appreciate nature through different forms.”
Eight year-old Adnaan who was busy drawing a python explained his experience of touching one.
“I like animals. I touched a python and it was very soft!” smiled the little enthusiast who was thrilled to take part in the program and experience the rare
opportunities given them by Dilmah Conservation.
The kids also had an interesting experience of making clay pots themselves, and were pleased when the lump of clay gradually turned into the shape of a pot. The spacious garden of the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute was full of stalls which were run by entrepreneurs who were helped by the MJF Charitable Fund.
The stalls of the native tribal people displayed their hand-made items. Mr. Dilhan Fernando, son of Merril J. Fernando; the founder of Dilmah, explained the aim of putting up these stalls as a “deliverance of humanitarian assistance to the native tribes and also to the young entrepreneurs”.
A parent told the Funday Times that this event was “a motivation  program which provided the  children a good opportunity to help their knowledge in environmental studies.”
In one corner of the garden was a  butterfly garden full of flowers and more than 30 pictures of butterflies depicting information about them and on the other side was a puppet show to educate the children about the Dugongs; commonly known as the sea cows.
The arrival of the children from the North marked the beginning of the quiz competition program that was organized indoors and the  winners took with them a gift pack comprising a lap-top, a school bag and various other gifts.
Training sessions on wildlife photography conducted by reputed Sri Lankan photographers were also greatly enjoyed by the kids.
This fun event was indeed a novel and an exceptional experience for everyone.
It could be considered a great leap forward to educate the new  generation about environmental conservation and appreciation of the diverse hues of the various cultures of Sri Lankan tribes.


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