Monday, July 1, 2013

Entertainment in the modern world

Entertainment in the modern world

As a result of globalisation the world has become more developed. People the world over have joined the rat race. They led busy lives from childhood to adulthood.
In the past small children in our country played hide and seek and bear family during their leisure time.
With the development of technology they have become addicted to play-station and computer games. Scientifically it is not good for their health. Parents should not let them get use to these technology for their convenience.
Teenagers in the future will find many ways of entertainment.
By chatting on skype, roaming on facebook and watching various music videos they entertain themselves.
Children should read books, newspapers, watch TV news and gain more knowledge. They must not waste their valuable time misusing the new technological devices.
Forgetting the teenagers for a while and paying attention towards the elders, we can see many have their entertainment in a different way.
They earn money and patronise clubs, casinos and get addicted to alcohol and waste the money they have earned.
In the past there were no casinos. As the world develops, people find new ways of entertainment.
It is our duty to use technology wisely for our betterment.


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