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St Sebastian GS Moratuwa





St Sebastian GS Moratuwa is well known for discipline and education

Principal Mrs. Chandra Wickranasinghe

St. Sebastian’s Girls School Moratuwa is a prominent school in the Moratuwa Division and over 750 students who belong to multi ethnic and multi religions are having their education from Grade one to Ordinary Level at this school. The school is well known for its discipline and excellence in both education and extra curricular activities.

In 1891 the school was established as a Roman Catholic Missionary School with the blessings of St. Sebastian. In 1938 the school was named as Moratuwa Vernacular [sinhala] girls’ school and Rev. Sister Constant was the first principal. Sebastian’s Balika Vidyalaya continued its progressive journey with the contributory responsibilities of the then principal and reverend sisters.

In 1961 with the taking over of assisted schools by the Government, St. Sebastian’s BV became a government
The Gymnastic Troop
Sinhala medium school. Later, the school was named as ‘Uswatte Balika’ in 1975 when Rev. Sister Mary Jeley was the principal. The year 1984 was a significant year for the school as it was named as ‘St. Sebastian’s Girls’ School.’

Housing more than 750 students and 30 academic staff, St. Sebastian’s Girls’ School is guided by the present principal Mrs. Chandra Wickranasinghe who is the mainstay to the present progress of the school.

St. Sebastian’s Balika Vidyalaya has gained success in many fields of education and practical skills in the zone bearing its motto guided by the the present principal.

It must be mentioned that the school has been able to rise above the national level at the G.C.E. (O/L) results. Daughters of mother Sebastian carry tribute to their alma-mater every year in by doing well at public examinations. In 2011 the
Members of Staff

percentage of the students who qualified to follow the Advanced Level stream was very much higher.
The St. Sebastian’s Girls school is full of activities and societies such as Guides, Media Unit, Science Society, Catholic Society , Buddhist Society, English Literary Association, Sinhala Literary Association, Cub scouts girls, Western band, New Inventors society, in order to produce girls of character and integrity.
Sports are encouraged at every level. Sebastian Girls’ school offers a variety of sports. They have done extremely well in sport events such Athletics, Carom, Chess, Volleyball, Netball and Gymnastic. The students will be participating in the

The Board of Prefects

gymnastic competition at provincial level this year. Besides that, achieving the victory at divisional level events of sports, students have been able to take part in all-island competitions bringing honour to their Alma Mater. Each student is assigned to one of the three houses, ‘Joseph’, ‘Mary’, and “Therese’ which are named as saints in the Catholic Religion.
The Aesthetics Unit hones the skills of students in music and singing, dancing and drama and language day activities. The dancing group won first place in the Zonal Dancing competition in 2012.
It is the sole determination and mission of the school to “produce students who cooperate with other races and religions and who face future challenges according to Sri Lankan National Education polices” St. Sebastian Girls’ School has spread its name throughout the zone as well as the island, by nurturing many brilliant girls.
- Sujitha Miranda

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